• A new premium brand of vintage cider

    3Cs vintage cider is a delicious new brand of cider produced by Masterchef critic and food writer William Sitwell, musician Toby Grafftey Smith and designer Jasper Galloway

  • Fresh, rich and delicious

    3Cs vintage cider is made from classic English apple varieties and is pressed and fermented to create a perfect drink for relaxed glugging

  • From tree to glass...

    3Cs vintage cider is made using traditional age-old cider-making techniques. The apples are picked at their peak of ripeness before being pressed and fermented


It was a bumper year for apples and that means an epic year for cider, according to the food writer and MasterChef critic William Sitwell. ‘Apples love sunshine and 2015 had plenty of it,’ says Sitwell, a co-founder of leading cider brand 3Cs.

‘And while the winter of 2014/15 was mainly benign and we had a cool summer we had many months of sun.’ Sitwell also adds that while orchards where 3Cs cider apples are picked missed the famous floods of that year, ‘their apples,’ he says, ‘were drenched in sunshine’.

So with sweet and bulbous fruit 3Cs, which uses the varieties of Harry Masters and Chisel Jersey, has decided to deckare 2015 as a vintage year. ‘Our cider is dry, but the fruit from 2015 has given it a sweeter edge,’ adds fellow 3Cs cider co-founder, the musician Toby Grafftey-Smith.

The third chap in the 3Cs cider business, Jasper Galloway suggests that a vintage 2015 will be great for business as consumers start to drink it in greater quantities over the summer months of 2016. ‘We like to pick our years in the same way that winemakers bottle wine,’ says interior designer Galloway. ‘2015 3Cs is drinking better than any previous year since we founded our company. It’s a happy time for apples, cider and cider lovers.'

3Cs cider is proud to announce its sponsorship of a major new exhibition to be held in the showroom of the legendary interior designer Nina Campbell. Artist Jasper Galloway’s colourful figurative paintings will be on show in Walton Street, South Kensington, during the summer after a private view on June 22. Visitors to the exhibition will have the chance to drink 3Cs cider while perusing the works of Galloway. ‘It’s a great opportunity for 3Cs cider to be tasted by the cognoscenti of the London art world,’ says 3Cs co-founder, the food critic William Sitwell. ‘And a sip of our refreshing and dry cider will no doubt encourage discerning collectors to invest in and own a Galloway for their home or office.’

3Cs cider came out on top this week during a tasting on Channel Four's popular show Sunday Brunch. The programme, hosted by Tim Lovejoy and Simon Rimmer, featured a range of ciders introduced by resident expert Rebecca Seal. Guests Dawn O'Porter and comedian Matt Richardson commented on the drink's very British taste and flavour, its fantastic nose and how well it would go with roast chicken or pork. Finally when asked to pick their favourite from the line-up the result was an overwhelming thumbs-up to 3Cs.

'Time and time again 3Cs cider is winning plaudits,' says 3Cs cider maker Jasper Galloway. 'And to win a tasting when you're up against other very well-known brands is a brilliant result. This comes at a perfect time, just as the sun starts to shine and people are once again turning to cider. Except this year, for the first time, many are turning to 3Cs!'

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Our blend of apples, which includes the classic English varieties Harry Masters and Chisel Jersey, is pressed and fermented to create a rich and delicious vintage cider.

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